Johnny Spätzünder

Hi, thanx for visiting my website!

Originally, i come from Saarbrücken (GER), but my journey brougth me to Maastricht (NL)…after years of playing in bands, i started in 2016 to write my first songs on the guitar…in 2019 i released a rough demo “Songs of the Black”, which gave me the opportunity to play many shows in Holland, Germany and Belgium.

My originals are a mix of Country, Rock’n Roll and Americana with a darker tone. Regulary, i am also asked for Johnny Cash tributes…but i also like to play what they shout from their barchairs…luckely i know many songs 😉🎸

Anyway …if you are interested in my music, i am open for all kinds of gig offers…small pubs, (online) festivals, clubs … just send me a message and we work something out!

Thanx again for your time , Cheers Johnny

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